BBJ Top HR Business Executives | Interview with Éva Fehér, Managing Director of JobGroup

“There is a massive transformation, but the HR role is still not clearly defined: is it a supportive function or a strategic one? I believe there should be a change of paradigm in company cultures to recognize the importance of attracting and retaining talents at any level of the hierarchy" - details from Budapest Business Journal's interview with Éva Fehér. Read to find out more!

The leaders of the digital age through a headhunter’s (analogue) binoculars

In the early 2000s, when we were envisioning with my colleagues in HR the most important competencies for the new millennium, digital affinity was high on the list. But what we certainly did not anticipate was what form the demand for digital readiness would take in the knowledge base of leaders and HR alike by 2022, as headhunting in the early years of the new millennium was still largely an analogue activity in the online space just then taking its shape.

IQ, EQ and AQ – yet another acronym?

Anyone who has been working as a leader or in the area of human resource management for some time will be used to seeing new abbreviations for competences popping up from time to time. In addition to professional knowledge, personal skills and competencies, which are measurable or less pragmatically measurable (in any case, certainly not by way of mathematical formula) are of paramount importance in filling management positions. 

Baselines of Executive Search [Definition and Process]

Executive Search is a well needed HR service that provide highly skilled professionals from mid-levels to C-level. Specialized agencies are conducting executive search and supporting their clients when they are in need of great leaders and executives.

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