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Human approach.

Who we are and 
what we do

We are JobGroup Prime, offering consultancy and HR services in Executive Search and Career Solutions. We are creating value to our clients by finding executives and talented experts to a position where they can exploite their full potential both as a professional and a team member.
JobGroup is an integrated HR service provider, understanding both the latest trends in the HR industry and the local specifics of the Hungarian market. Professionalism and personality of our consultants backed by JobGroup’s 30+ years of market experience arm us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.
We operate along with the highest standards and policies of blue chip companies, while we accomplish our tasks with an innovative and agile manner, using an optimal mix of personal expertise, AI, proven methods and street-smart ideas.

The JobGroup


We understand the complexity of global Executive Search problems and the specific aspects of HR operations in the Hungarian market. Our decades-long experience, hands-on competencies and "always human” approach are the pillars of everything we do.

Large & small

Corporate in our mindset and working processes, agile and flexible in our solutions.  We value ethical operations and we work by international standards and policies. Our company size and expertise allow us to tailor our services precisely to our clients’ needs.


Our senior consultants have notable experience in HR services and they are backed by JobGroup’s extensive database, sophisticated network and market intelligence developed and nurtured in the past 30 years.


We like working in close partnership with our clients, understanding their main problems, supporting them, inspiring them and helping to achieve their goals in a productive and transparent manner. 

Result oriented

We keep on exploring new methods and technologies to find quicker, smarter and more efficient solutions to create tangible business results for both of our clients and candidates.


We understand the prestige of our mission and we appreciate our clients’ trust in our services. We work with the highest care, attention, flexibility and collaboration. We are a medium-size enterprise. We value each other and we do our job passionately.

Rely on our
senior expert team

We are open for discussions, sharing viewpoints and exchanging ideas with our clients. We like talking about the latest industry trends and new challenges related to human resources.
We are curious about your opinion too. Would you like to chat with us?


In the landscape of candidates and companies, all parties wish for the ‘Perfect match’. We work hard to understand our clients’ situation and business problems, so we can help them identify their objectives and expectations within a specific market context and industrial setting.
This industry is entirely about people. We understand the complexity and exquisiteness of HR challenges. We manage our assignments with delicacy and respect.

This is how we see the trends