Energy and Utilities

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Energy sector is one of the most challenging industries in many aspects, but most notably in its need for skilled professionals. Change is rapid and limitless, and there is a constantly high demand for proper candidates with cutting edge knowledge. Due to the extremely stretched labor market situation and the shortage of applicants in recent years, it is a real challenge for HR to offer solutions for the increasing gap between entry-level and senior job positions.

Our approach

We are familiar with the evolving trends, technologies and environment that are shaping this sector such as Smart Solutions, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Green Energy or Solar Energy to mention a few. We combine tried-and-tested techniques with innovative solutions to offer the most efficient answers to the sector’s HR dilemmas.

Energy and Power Utilities

The Energy and Power Utilities sector is a special field requiring a unique HR approach. Our engineering team allied with our experienced consultant team provides integrated answers to the most puzzling HR questions. We think global in terms of network and scope but act local in our deliverables.


The global oil market is among the fastest growing segments of the Energy Industry. The growth requires competent and highly skilled white-collar team members. We rely on the latest AI technologies in HR to meet the enormous human needs of the sector. In order to maximize efficiency we prefer to offer personalized HR services to our partners in the Oil Industry. 

Chemical Industries

We have an extensive network within the Chemical Industries that is fundamental to finding proper candidates. New perspectives and solutions are important to meet the challenges of the sector, exactly what we are bringing on board. Combining the experience and knowledge of our engineering team and our consultants with relevant background is a unique asset hard to match on the market. 

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Mining and Metals

We offer complex and in-depth HR solutions for the Mining and Metal Industry in reference to  white-collar positions. Our broad industrial knowledge and 30+ years of HR experience enable us to understand the specific business goals of this industry and their implications to the HR strategy. We offer end-to-end services and consultancy to provide the most possible value to our clients.

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