Executive Search &
Career Solutions

Growth and development are prime goals of any organization. Success depends on multiple factors, but no question, an inspiring leader and a well-functioning happy team are great contributors.
With the objective to help organizations with their leadership problems, JobGroup Prime is offering business consulting services in HR strategy, with special focus on finding C-level executives and promising talents, and supporting them during their progress with coaching and career advisory.

Executive Search

Finding top performers, rare skilled talents and charismatic leaders for newly created or recently vacant positions is strategic for growth. JobGroup Prime has extensive experience, network and methods in finding great leaders in a very short time and at a reasonable price too.

Assessment Center for Executives

Hiring decision-makers and C-level executives is always a challenging task. Assessment Center is a great solution to objectively compare executives in a complex way: hard and soft competencies, interpersonal skills, problem-solving techniques, leadership mindset, situational judgment and more. Our in-depth insights, experience, tools and objectivity helps our client to avoid selection mistakes, save time and resources. 

Talent Mapping

We serve our clients’ long term business objectives via answering their future human dilemmas in advance and providing a comprehensive view of the labor market and the industry trends. We identify great talents and top performers successfully meeting the complex criteria of their key positions.

Succession Pool Building

Changes in any critical function of an organization can affect the course of the entire business significantly, these positions must be kept safe and secure. Enabling an organization to react to change quickly and effectively is crucial too. An already prepared Succession Pool of external executives protects company operation and promotes long-term stability.

Executive Coaching and Development

Long term performance of any business is highly influenced by their key personnel, top performers and senior executives. We add value to businesses by providing proven and effective support for C-level managers to go beyond and be more.

Development Center for Management

Great leaders foresee the future challenges and opportunities of their organization in advance.  Further, they don’t only see, but get ready to step up, move along or even lead the change themselves. Leaders need a competent and cutting edge team of executives to make things happen.

Executive Outplacements

Various and numerous situations could lead to a layout at C-level. Outplacement of any member of the key personnel could be an important element of the HR strategy as it has implications on company image, good-will and perception. Helping employees to embrace change and look into the future with confidence and strength is a noble and responsible way to depart.

Executive Career

Several different factors could lead to a career transition, but sometimes there is just a simple reason behind: a need for a change itself, a desire to move forward. Prime by JobGroup helps Executives to find their new path, a meaningful role that brings novelty and new inspirations for them.