Manufacturing, Production and Industry 4.0

There is a massive industrial and business transformation. HR must follow. We shall help you.

This is how we see the trends

Manufacturing and production industries are in significant evolution. New approaches and solutions are in high demand to manage change effectively.  Industry 4.0 has introduced new solutions to enterprises. Technological innovations translate into transformations in the business operations and in the industrial landscape.  HR is required to foresee the changes and offer solutions for the biggest human challenges that are happening right now.  

Our approach

Our senior consultants are familiar with current HR challenges of the Manufacturing and Production sector. We have already seen similar ones in the past in other industries. We combine our senior Executive Search consultants’ experience with our industrial knowledge backed by JobGroup’s Engineering Division. We offer HR solutions at almost all functional areas of various industries, such as production, finance, sales, marketing and management.

Building and construction

Senior experts and C-level executives play a crucial role in fueling business growth. Innovation is a driver in this sector. Being an HR service provider we also need to be innovative in our approaches. Combining classic direct search with digital sourcing proves to be very efficient. We are ready to search for candidates at non-traditional channels and in new ways. Speaking and understanding sector specific phrases is our strength as well.

Automotive Industry

Automotive is an important sector with ambitious expectations towards growth. We have been an active player in supporting the Hungarian Automotive Industry with human answers from the 1990s. We have been offering HR solutions for high-level positions from sales to engineering, including many of the typical functions. Our approach contains tried-and-tested methods and innovative sourcing techniques. We combine global solutions with local know-how. 

Production and Industrial Manufacturing

In a dynamically changing environment such as the Production and Industrial Manufacturing sector, only the most flexible and innovative companies can stay in the ring. Industrial Manufacturing is in high demand for HR support. Companies that introduce innovative solutions to fuel their growth need skilled and long-term engaged professionals. Our senior consultants understand these challenges and are ready to find those leaders who are able to manage, motivate and inspire their operating teams.

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Agricultural Sector

Leaders and executives shape the future of the Agricultural Sector as they influence its performance considerably. Having been working for agricultural clients and entities in the past 30 years, we have witnessed the growth and the technological transformation of the sector. We have a comprehensive view of the requirements towards executive candidates in the agrarian and other functional positions. We can make the difference in the Agricultural Sector by applying innovative management practices that have proved well in other sectors.

Industry 4.0

Digitalization, automation and communication technologies are reshaping industries in general. They’ll be part of the new system fundamentally. The need to run facilities via new technologies requires a new set up in operation and labor demand. These novelties create new challenges for HR. Industry 4.0 calls for IT & Telco professionals and for cooperation among horizontal functions: IT and Engineering. Being an emerging trend so far, but HR and Management must be prepared for this new era. This is where we can help the most.

Consumer products

Companies operating in the FMCG sector have specific HR needs. Having been supporting FMCG companies with HR solutions in the past 30 years, we understand these markets well and are aware of the selection criterias of potential candidates. Our experience in providing HR services include Executive Search from expert to C-level roles, strategic employer branding support and assessment centers to highlight a few. 

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