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The Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Care are main growth catalysts in any economy. The HR needs in this sector are very specific. Finding highly skilled, C-level executives available is quite of a challenge.

Our approach

With the acquisition of Ventiv Health - the pharma expert HR agency -  we have one of the largest networks of pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals in Hungary, along with the most extensive market experience and insights. We’ll understand your complex needs quickly and ready to answer them with smart and effective solutions. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

Amongst other critical issues, one of the most determining challenges for Pharmaceutical companies is to find the best leaders, talents and great contributors to their organizations.  Finding the best fit is our area of expertise. We recruit professionals from expert to senior / C-level, for functions such as Clinical Studies Regulatory, QA, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Support, Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing to mention a few.


Healthcare has been a constantly evolving industry. Change and growth puts HR in the spotlight, building a competent HR strategy and finding the right ‘crew’. The private Healthcare sector in Hungary is up to incredible growth, and it’s been a central theme of the Hungarian business sector lately. Throughout the 30 years of our acknowledged market presence, we have seen many of the situations that the private health sector is currently facing. We are happy to share our perspective and expertise with you.

Beauty Industry

The exponential growth of the Beauty Industry requires a significant increase in HR needs. With our unmatchable market experience in the Pharma-Health-Beauty sector in Hungary fueled by our passion for excellence and innovative techniques empower us to answer our clients' ever growing HR requests and dilemmas with professionalism. 

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