Succession Pool Building

Be prepared for changes regarding your key members. Secure continuity.

Our approach

Our pool is a valuable part of the HR strategy. Vacancy situation at a C-level position might put organizations in difficulties or even in jeopardy. We understand the importance and delicacy of the matter; we build and handle succession pools with the highest attention and confidentiality.

The Process


Industry targeting

We are conducting a detailed base audit (briefing) of all the various criterias. We develop a list of primary target industries and companies that will be the prime search focus and probable source of potential candidates. 



We carry out an extensive and confidential sourcing from our professional network, direct search and JobGroup database containing records of 100.000+ talents and executives, including Hungarian and international candidates.


Potential prospects

We are compiling a list of potential prospects according to GDPR rules and confidentiality.



We carry out initial screening of the potential prospects with an emphasis on professional experience, education, language knowledge, openness, salary requirements, availability and expectations.


Summary of market mapping

The document contains facts and trends, our top line findings and suggestions drawn up by our dedicated consultant. Findings are usually a valuable resource of a consecutive HR strategy. 


Assessment of prospects

We carry out in-depth personal or video interviews by using competency-based methodology. The result of this step is a Detailed Report of the pool candidates that we add to the Summary of market mapping.


Maintaining an active talent pool

If our partner requests, we maintain an active relationship with the candidates for a given time. Regular talent mapping and competency readjustments allow us to have an updated knowledge of potential external hires.

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We are open for discussions, sharing viewpoints and exchanging ideas with our clients. We like talking about the latest industry trends and new challenges related to human resources.
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In the landscape of candidates and companies, all parties wish for the ‘Perfect match’. We work hard to understand our clients’ situation and business problems, so we can help them identify their objectives and expectations within a specific market context and industrial setting.
This industry is entirely about people. We understand the complexity and exquisiteness of HR challenges. We manage our assignments with delicacy and respect.

This is how we see the trends

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