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We help organizations to answer their HR dilemmas via flexible, tailored and innovative solutions, always from a ‘human first’ perspective.


Our mission is to make the world a better place by supporting our clients in their quest to improve their HR approach and find the most suitable candidates for their executive and expert level positions. Finding a good solution for a company’s HR problems drives overall performance and improves the well-being of the employees.

We believe in the famous quote of Albert Einstein: “everybody is a genius”. It is not only our skill sets and talents that matters, but the environment itself which provides space and opportunities for those qualities to unfold. Supporting a successful encounter to happen is our call. Organizations with the right candidates and HR reinforcement can fill the gap, move forward to accomplishing their business goals towards progress and growth.

The world operates at constant change, reshaping the workforce and labor market faster and wider than ever before. Executives must be well prepared to answer the challenges of the new human scenery. We can provide our professional experience in Executive Coaching and Development Services and Executive Career Solutions to support transitions and adoption to change smoothly and effectively.

The value we add to
your HR challenges


We support our clients during the entire process of talent hunt and executive search related problems. Working in close partnership is our natural way of conducting business. We inform our clients regularly via tailored reports. We are always open for professional chat to bring the project forward.


We like sharing ideas with our partners, colleagues and clients. We understand the broader context of the HR industry and we are happy to have a dialogue about it. Different backgrounds and experiences open new perspectives to answering a problem. Collaboration fuels creativity and momentum. Mutual inspiration leads to exceptional results.

Professional experience

We’d like our clients to think of us as their extended brains and helping hands for their HR dilemmas. JobGroup has 30+ years of experience in integrated HR services. Our consultants are experts in their own field. We keep learning from industry thought leaders and we coach our colleagues regularly. HR is our area of expertise. Let us save you time so that you can focus on your area of expertise too.

Tailored solutions

Every case is unique and we treat them accordingly. We focus on understanding the main business problem and the context. We use a special mix of proven methods and innovative approaches. Creativity is our key strength. Our consultants are result oriented and flexible in their problem solving approaches.


In the process of candidate selection, we assess the hard skills, the soft skills, the cultural fit and the personal values and motivators of our candidates. We are all humans. Meeting the business objectives of our clients and the human expectations of our applicants is equally important for us. Not an easy mission, but we’ve seen it’s always worth the effort.

International Services

Prime by JobGroup is the exclusive Hungarian partner of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF), one of the biggest international executive search networks consisting of more than 50 offices across the globe. Our combined expertise in executive search services aims to deliver quality leadership solutions globally.

Our guiding

We operate by Ethical business practices and code of conduct in our daily business. Our key principles give foundation to how we work, what we value, and how we treat our employees, external partners, stakeholders and constituents in our business transactions.


Transparency and up-front communication help us to understand assignments deeper. Free and candid discussions illuminate situations better and from multiple angles. Our clients value the collaborative and open working style we demonstrate to them.


We embrace different perspectives, ideas and cultural backgrounds of our employees, clients and candidates. We treat diversity with respect and fairness.  

Business integrity

What we promise is what we deliver. We assess the projects and situations profoundly to set proper goals and expectations. We communicate actively through the entire collaboration process to ensure the foreseeability of the end result. 

Passion for excellence

Our long term partnerships reflect our working standards. We continuously enhance our knowledge and widen our perspectives by regular training and market intelligence. Delivering exceptional results to our clients is basic to us. We like to work hard and smart so that our projects will speak for themselves.   

International Services

Prime by JobGroup is the exclusive Hungarian partner of International Executive Search Federation (IESF), one of the biggest international executive search network consisting of more than 50 offices across the globe and also working in close partnership with Profil Group South-East Europe. Our combined expertise in executive search services aim to deliver quality leadership solutions globally. 

Our senior consultants take part in international collaborations, combine insights, tailor the market with forwardthinking solutions and build multinational leadership teams. We exceed international standards and add multicultural values as a global network. You can find us 50 countries in the globe, please serch for these here: 


We would like to support the transformation of our society where fairness, inclusion and responsibility are meaningful statements, being acted upon. Even though our contribution is local, we believe a joint mission with NPOs, civil movements and foundations can assist to a brighter and happier future we wish to see.

Creating value for our society

Our CEO, Éva Fehér is ‘Bridge Budapest Ambassador for Conscious Business Culture’. We are leaders and supporters of a community promoting businesses sharing values of transparent and ethical business conduct and working for creating a more sustainable and sensitive society. We have added value to this collaboration by providing free coaching and mentoring programs concerning the labor market for those being interested in.

Supporting the Next Generation

Future lies in the hands of the next generations. We work closely with Edisonplatfrom Community to support school-aged children and their parents.


It connects NPOs with families to provide information and best practices in child-raising and add value where the education system has its limits. We support Edisonplatform financially and glad to see it is used for causes we value, such as children development, digitalization, respect towards the natural environment and people living with disabilities. We received a badge of “Progressive company” from Edisonplatform, emphasizing that beyond the financial aid we get involved in driving change with full commitment and actions to shape a better  future of the Labour market.

Kompania Foundation

It aims to protect teenage children from sliding to the edge of society. We support the activity by yearly fundraisers and by mentoring the foundation members via free of charge coaching services enabling them to realize their goals more effectively.

Helping our Community

Difficulties in life can happen suddenly even if one is very thoughtful and cautious. We think society can function well only if those situations are seen and being answered.

Kórházsuli - Hospital school

We financially support the ‘Kórházsuli’ Foundation, which organizes education of those children who miss school due to medical care for a longer period of time. We feel honored to participate in such an endeavor helping kids, parents and mother institutes to deal with challenging circumstances.

RÉS Foundation

‘RÉS’ Foundation contributes to establishing institutes and facilities providing home and shelter for those in need. RÉS helps homeless people and families with necessary resources and possible opportunities to take a step further and get back to track.

Helping our People

Some of our outsourced candidates and colleagues faced difficulties during the Pandemic. We managed to find ways supporting them not only financially but also mentally and with professional advice and opportunities free of charge.

Meet Us

We like exchanging ideas with our professional colleagues, clients and business partners. Exploring new ways help us to be quicker, smarter and more flexible in our operations.

We’d be happy to see you at one of the following upcoming events.

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