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Step ahead by finding great leaders, top performers and valuable talents.

Our approach

Filling C-level positions quickly and effectively can only be done, when there is a strong know-how, experienced professionals, high-value network and proper techniques at hands. This is exactly the case at JobGroup Prime's executive search solutions which we offer in Hungary and worldwide. Once candidates have been identified, our experts are very efficient in motivating candidates to get on board with the new position.

Blue chip standards

We operate at blue chip standards, along which we provide full dedication, flexibility and focus to our clients as a local boutique shop. With our Executive Search Solutions we deliver candidates within a maximum of 4 weeks. 

The Executive Search Process


Client profile definition

based on position and job description requirements regarding education, hard skills, soft skills, competencies, and company culture.


Target list of companies

This is where the executive search begins, 100% tailored to our clients’ needs.


Searching for candidates

via using our high-performance database, wide network and headhunting, systematic, direct and executive search techniques. 


Candidate analysis

Our system and expertise support quick, objective and thorough evaluation of candidates. 


Short list preparation

Description of the selected candidates to be sent to clients, with all relevant and important information.


Client’s interview set up

This step can have many nuances to be paid attention to. We prepare candidates, we arrange circumstances.


On-boarding support

Once the candidate has been selected, we help both parties - client and candidate - to smooth out the integration process.

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We are open for discussions, sharing viewpoints and exchanging ideas with our clients. We like talking about executive search, the latest industry trends and new challenges related to human resources.
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In the landscape of candidates and companies, all parties wish for the ‘Perfect match’. We work hard to understand our clients’ situation and business problems, so we can help them identify their objectives and expectations within a specific market context and industrial setting.
This industry is entirely about people. We understand the complexity and exquisiteness of HR challenges. We manage our assignments with delicacy and respect.

This is how we see the trends

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