Digitalization, Covid, Omnichannel operations. You need competent professionals to answer unexpected challenges effectively. 

This is how we see the trends

Global changes impact commerce immediately. Let’s just mention the Suez Canal shipwreck case as an example. An unexpected situation somewhere in the Globe can affect commerce and related industries worldwide. Commercial sector needs professionals with special skills to answer the challenges - agility, flexibility and proactive thinking. 

Our approach

HR has to understand the specific features and the various business models of the Commercial sector.  Our integrated HR solutions can offer innovative and insightful solutions for the complex needs of all business functions in this industry such as marketing, sales, logistics, finance, business development just to mention a couple. Our service is quick and flexible exactly as the market requires it.

Retail and E-commerce

E-commerce is growing dynamically at global scale, and especially in Hungary. We are among the Top 6 countries in Europe in this measure. Business growth must be supported by exceptional executives as they have the skills and competencies to lead change effectively. With our HR solutions and services we can offer you a good supply of talented and senior candidates with the right skills and competencies to build long term business success for your company.


Wholesale companies operate via complex processes that require sector specific experience of their workforce. The common practice for filling positions at C-level or at key functions used to be internal hiring, which are not effective anymore. These days companies need to rather think about external hiring, a new challenge for the HR department. We can provide support for HR by our executive search and related solutions to answer the change quicker and more effectively.

Tourism and Hospitality

We are familiar with the strategic importance and operations of hotels, transportation service providers, restaurants, and resorts as key elements of this sector. Having 30 years of experience makes us confident that we can solve HR dilemmas of this sector effectively. To ensure continuity of business operation is a key expectation from our clients. We can support that by finding suitable candidates for C-level roles and other high level positions such as marketing, sales or accounting, as examples.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

We have seen a great evolution in Supply Chain and Logistics in the past years. Covid has shaped demand, only flexible and resilient companies could survive the changes. Digitalization and new technologies are getting manual labor replaced by processes, while at the same time there is a call for highly skilled professionals to manage the new situations. We can help companies to answer their HR needs in this ever changing environment.

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