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The need for integrated solutions in the financial sector hasn’t been stronger than now. Continuous rebirth of technology set the ground for constant need for skilled workers. Dramatic thirst for manpower encourages HR to engage in new strategies and to use new approaches. The stress factor is extremely high in this sector. A big challenge for HR is to balance stress by creating a supportive and more relaxing working environment, and also to increase employee satisfaction in general.

Our approach

We have witnessed and supported the emergence of the Financial sector in Hungary during the past 30 years.  We keep assisting the sector by cutting edge digital technologies and with professional insights. Let us provide you with a range of HR solutions from practical tips to C-level dilemmas.


Solving HR problems in the banking sector is quite of a challenge. The HR department is required to have a comprehensive view of the current trends in economics, technology and human labor. With our market intelligence and continuous contact with both industry players and leaders we can provide efficient and personalized solutions to our clients based on our broad understanding of the industry trends. 


Accounting is a field of professional knowledge, precision and reliability, where personal motivation is also crucial to support growth. Finding colleagues that would fit all these aspects is a key challenge of the sector. With our extensive industrial knowledge and experience we focus on the skills, qualifications and behavioral aspects of the candidates to fulfill our clients’ HR needs. 


We understand the HR situations of the different segments of the insurance sector, such as actuarial, risk, operations, technology, tax, audit and more. Special skill sets and industrial knowledge are inevitable to meet position requirements. Candidates’ personality and motivations are determining factors too. Objectivity and comprehensiveness in the process allow us to find the very right fit for these special fields.

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We understand the sector entirely, we can understand our investment partners’ needs quickly. With the special combination of our industrial and HR market knowledge we can offer advanced human resource solutions to drive business growth. We are experts in solving complex HR problems with great effectiveness. 

Real Estate

Finding talents and executives for the real estate industry demands an integrated approach and sector experience. We can offer even more: our experienced and skilled senior consultant team. We understand the challenges of the sector and we help our clients with innovative HR solutions and tried-and-tested techniques.

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