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This is how we see the trends 

Service Centers are efficient ways of professional outsourcing. Being specialized on specific operational tasks, they call for highly-skilled professionals with proper background and good language skills. The biggest challenge of the sector is to find the needed number of professionals with the right skills.

Our approach

We offer tailored solutions for Service Centers, such as personnel leasing, sector-specific permanent placement and even outsourcing options.

Customer service

Many Service Centers in Hungary operate in Customer Service. Our 30+ years of industry background and experience enable us to provide HR solutions for Customer Services proved to be efficient. Employer retention is a major challenge of the industry. We are knowledgeable of the specific skills and expectations required by this sector at all levels of candidates.

Procurement and Support

One of the main advantages of Service Centers is their flexibility. When the core business needs support, SC is there. Our consultants are acquainted with the support services of Service Centers. We have well proven practices in finding and acquiring candidates with the desired competencies and qualifications.


Finance SCs are critical in outsourcing. Country and function specific knowledge are essential in this field and the budget for personnel is usually tight. Hungarian manpower is highly skilled and affordable at global comparison. Our aim is to keep fluctuation at minimum that is only achievable by finding the right fitting candidates for the open positions. 

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HR SCs have an important role, they manage HR tasks in different countries in a specific legal environment. Candidates must either be aware of that particular knowledge or be able to learn quickly.  We have a broad network of HR professionals to provide our clients with candidates that are meticulous and persevering. We are aware of the distinguishing job and skill requirements towards candidates from experts to C-level.


There is a high demand for professionals thanks to the ever growing need for technology support desired by corporations in general. Our IT and Engineering recruitment teams backed by our Service Center consultants offer specific solutions, tailored to the given business problems. With our HR services, companies can keep their focus on their core business, while we manage their HR needs.

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