Talent Mapping

Strategic thinking and proactive hiring. Ally your business strategy with the human side. 

Our approach

We follow the same process in all cases, but we tailor the steps to our clients’ specific situations. We start by defining the business needs. We map the required knowledge, competencies, attributes and career paths even before the vacancy is opened. Special methods, tools and our professional experience help us to identify great talents and star performers inside and outside of the industry, who could be potentially valuable members to our clients.

The result

We provide a detailed report of the labor market and our client's industry, presenting major human-related information such as salaries, competencies, special skills, qualifications, language skills and other fine points of the specific industry. Talent mapping is for those companies where HR has a strategic role and is acknowledged as a contributor to business growth.

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We are open for discussions, sharing viewpoints and exchanging ideas with our clients. We like talking about the latest industry trends and new challenges related to human resources.
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In the landscape of candidates and companies, all parties wish for the ‘Perfect match’. We work hard to understand our clients’ situation and business problems, so we can help them identify their objectives and expectations within a specific market context and industrial setting.
This industry is entirely about people. We understand the complexity and exquisiteness of HR challenges. We manage our assignments with delicacy and respect.

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